Virtual Church

Tomorrow morning (Sunday 29th March) we are going (well, trying) to use Zoom. Zoom is a cloud platform for video and audio conference calling. What this means is that we can communicate with each other in real time from the comfort of our homes.

To be able to join in you will need to download an app from your chosen device. You can do that here. Make sure you select the right download for your device (ie for Apple devices you will need the iOS app from the App Store, for Android devices you will need the one from Google Play). If you are planning to join from a laptop or desktop, you can just use the browser which should open automatically when you select to join a meeting but I personally find it more ‘stable’ if you use the appropriate software.

My personal choice would always be to use a laptop or desktop computer if at all possible, or the largest mobile device you have.When you download the app, you should be asked to register. I would strongly advise creating a free account as you can then join meetings with your name displayed. You can also register for a free account online here.

A few minutes before the meeting, sign into Zoom.You can join the meeting by clicking on this link or by opening the app, select “Join a meeting” and search the number 291-020-121. You can also join by opening a tab on your chosen web browser, select ‘Join a meeting’ and type in the meeting ID number. Make sure you enable audio and visual so we can all hear and see each other. If using a mobile device I would advise using a set of headphones or earbuds if possible but it’s not essential by any means! If it all gets a bit ‘noisy’ we will have the option to mute participants and there is a chat box option where you can write in what you want to say. You will not be able to actually join the meeting until Jon starts it so please don’t panic if you can’t get in.

I appreciate not everyone gets on with technology so if you have any difficulty or questions, please do get in touch!