Coronavirus Update from Rev Jon

The Peace of the Lord be with you my friends.

This Sunday, the worship of St Stephens Church might look a bit different, but lets still worship together!

Due to all public services being paused nationally, I am inviting you all to join together, with a lot of others Christians around the country, in joining the Archbishop’s service at either 8am on radio 4, or 9am on the CofE website or their facebook page –…/media-centre/online-church

I know this will be different; but its about joining together no matter what’s going on in our lives to come before God and praise him still.

I will aim to post a St Stephens mothers day reflection to our facebook group on Sunday as well. And as I feel a number of people will miss communion, I will do a communion service video for people to join in with ‘spiritually’ in due course as well.

Keep talking to one another 🙂

God bless you all,