Rev Tanya Lord’s Resignation

Rev Tanya Lord

A few weeks ago, I was delighted to be at the Cathedral as Bishop Vivienne Faull was enthroned as the new Bishop of Bristol. It was a service hugely moving in parts and reminded me of my own installation and licensing here at St Stephens almost 6 years ago. 

I remember Archdeacon Christine taking me by the hand and placing me in the Priests Stall here.

I answered Gods call to come back to Southmead to minister alongside you all, and what an incredible journey it’s been…

Today I need to tell you that my time here is coming to an end…

In January I will take up the post of Deputy Chaplain to Lincolnshire Constabulary. My last service will be on the 16th December at the Carol service.

I have done what God asked of me with the gifts and skills he’s given me, its now time to step back as you enter a new phase in the life of the church, you will have a new Priest with different skills to guide you, the building project is really on the cards now and I don’t have the right skills for that, but your new priest will…

We have plenty of time for good bye’s I’m not going just yet!

But I wanted to say today what an immense privilege the past six years have been. 

Watching you grow and flourish as a family, making room for new people to explore faith and find a home here has always been my dream for St Stephens.

Seeing established members stepping ‘way’ out of their confront zone and trying things they never thought they could do! and discovering for themselves that nothing is impossible with Jesus, you can do all things through him who gives you strength! You really can! 

You are all a blessing to Southmead and Glenn and I will miss you all, but when God calls…God calls…

and as his disciples we must follow!